Trademark/ Patents/Copyright Registration

Trademark/ Patents/Copyright Registration

A Trademark generally refers to a “BRAND NAME” or “LOGO”. Trademark registration can be obtained for following:-

⇒ A business name/Trade name
⇒ Distinctive catch phrases
⇒ Taglines or captions

Advantages of copyright registration:-
⇒ By registering your copyright work, you create a public record of your work and a concrete proof that you are the owner of the creative work
⇒ If someone copies your work, you can sue them for copyright infringement

Copyright owners have the exclusive right to either do or authorize the doing of any of the following:

⇒ to reproduce the work in any material form including the storing of it in any medium by electronic means
⇒ to issue copies of the work to the public not being copies already in publication
⇒ to perform the work in public, or communicate it to the public to make any translation or adaptation of the work
⇒ to sell or give on hire, or offer for sale or hire a copy regardless of whether such copy has been sold or given on hire on earlier occasions